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What do I offer in my sessions, whether holistic therapy or life coaching?

  • Whether working with you at a holistic therapy or at a life coaching level, I help all my clients to learn to trust themselves; and their instincts and intuition.
  • I will encourage you to shift gear from feeling a victim - to taking welcome responsibility for your life; to drawing your focus away from any negativity or unhelpful judgements; to taking charge and to focus on the positive.
  • I provide tools, such as meditation, mindfulness and energy techniques, to take away with you - and work on, in your own time. These have the benefit of allowing you to feel calmer, giving you a better awareness of yourself and the world, being less stressed, improving your concentration, having a healthier work/life balance.
  • I support you in re-connecting with that more profound part of yourself (that some call soul, spirit or inner wisdom), that gives you life purpose, makes you feel whole and connected to yourself and the life force, that propels you forward. It is a lasting antidote to feeling lost, estranged and purposeless.
  • I help you to open up to living a more compassionate, loving, fuller and richer life.
  • I seek to create a trust-centred, non-judgemental environment for self-honesty to thrive.
  • I look at clients as a whole being and encourage them to do the same; everything sits in a web of inter-connected causes and effects (be it emotional, energetic, physical or mental); changing one thing should have a positive knock-on effect on everything else.
  • I believe that whichever modality one chooses, it is about making positive changes in one's life.

Holistic Therapies

  • These give a greater emphasis on healing from trauma and negative experiences
  • I focus on these specialities - spiritual healing, chakra balancing, energy rebalancing, meditation, mindfulness, tarot for greater self-understanding and self-development
  • This work has the aim of supporting greater personal understanding, self-knowledge and clarity
  • The aim is to always to move away from blockages, confusion, self-limiting beliefs, anxiety, stress, overloaded energy systems - to a lighter chakra and aura energy, with all the attendant benefits to one's emotional and physical health
  • It may be a longer-term or more regular process than with holistic life coaching, as it is working through deeper negative behaviours, feelings, destructive past relationships (family, romantic, personal, friendships, business), traumas, self-destructive habits, stress, anxiety
  • It is more of a mentoring relationship than in my work as a holistic life coach; it offers more guidance, advice and direction, as there is a greater need for this
  • There is a greater focus on the past, as a tool for understanding root causes that inform present behaviours and responses
  • There is greater attention paid to why certain behavioural patterns re-occur
  • These holistic therapies tend to be for clients working through more long-standing issues and problems

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Holistic Life Coaching

  • It broadly recognises that clients are equipped with everything that they already need to reach their goals, even if they require support to discover this
  • It helps individuals to set up the change and transformational process
  • It is a much more direct way to clarify goals - if current obstacles or problematic behaviours are identified, it is all towards the objective of the client working on them, in order to create more free-flowing forward action and goals
  • It is a more action based method, working from the present onwards, rather than focussing on the past; it is about the "here and now" and moving towards the future
  • Holistic life coaching works from the premise that a coachee's starting point is from an acceptable neutral ground where one is "coping well enough"; rather than from a place where deeper, emotional or energetic issues need resolving
  • A holistic life coach enables, as the equal partner in the process; the coachee is empowered to solve their own problems and to find their own answers and solutions; the coach does not act as a mentor, trainer, counsellor or consultant
  • The coachee intentionally takes control to design their life, and to take action to steer it towards their goals; as it is holistic life coaching, it will always be towards a deeper meaning and purpose that is congruent with the coachee's core values
  • There is a greater focus on "how" to work towards a goal rather than "why" certain behavioural patterns occur
  • It works with creating key performance indicators, actions, results, specific behavioural outcomes and goals
  • It requires a high level of coachee commitment, that is time and task focussed
  • Holistic life coaching still allows for a deeper exploration and understanding of the inner interferences that create emotional blocks and hurdles, than in more traditional life coaching; it still works on clearing limiting self-beliefs, using techniques described in the holistic therapies pages, but this is not the main emphasis of the work. Nonetheless there may be a place for some spiritual healing in order to support the holistic life coaching process
  • It is not quite as solution and goal driven as other forms of life coaching, and there is more focus on the "bigger picture" that promotes lasting, rather than short-term results

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Can I mix Holistic Therapies sessions with Holistic Life Coaching sessions?

  • Although there may be some overlap in techniques and approaches, it does not work to "jump ship" from session to session, from holistic therapies to holistic life coaching. They are very different modalities. However those clients who have worked through past issues, within a holistic therapies context, may move on, in the future, to more goal driven coaching work.

I am happy to offer a 10 minute free telephone consultation, at no obligation, to assess how I can best help you. Tel: 07941 086127

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